About Pastor Stephen Brown

Pastor Stephen Brown is the youngest of four children and was born on October 13 in Memphis, TN. He is the founding and current Pastor of Light of Glory International Church, which is affectionately known as LOGIC. Growing up, Brown was raised under the spiritual tutelage of his father who is an evangelist. As a matter of fact, one of Pastor Brown’s earliest experiences with the glory of God was with his father at a prayer meeting when he was seven years old. The glory was so strong that it caused him to experience a mild nosebleed- an encounter Brown would never forget.

Pastor Brown has always had an unyielding craving to see God’s people experience the power and presence of God. His desire to see this led him to sit at the feet of some of the best bible teachers in the world.

While watching one of these ministers in college on television, Brown felt the presence of God radiate through his room like never before. It created an instant change in his life at the young age of 21. Brown was so serious about getting closer to God, he was willing to leave school immediately and forfeit his scholarship. After expressing his concerns to his Dean, Brown found favor in his eyesight and was able to do an at-home study program to complete his Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Pastor Brown would later earn his Master of Education degree, afterward advancing in his studies until he completed the coursework required for a Special Education add-on and an Administration and Supervision add-on to his certification. He is currently in the process of pursuing his Doctoral degree.

After years of study and consecration, Pastor Stephen Brown launched Stephen Brown Ministries (SBM) in 2005. SBM ushered in a revival, which would sweep through the city of Memphis with untold miracles, signs and wonders for several years. After years of evangelistic work, Brown felt a strong unction to teach, empower and heal a local body of believers. LOGIC was officially launched in 2008.

Pastor Brown has been recently stirred in his spirit concerning the end-time revival of souls. God has pushed him to higher heights and deeper depths in his personal prayer life. Brown is convinced that in order to usher in the 2nd coming of Jesus there must be a revival of souls.

Pastor Brown is the devoted husband of the lovely NeShante Brown and proud father of three children.